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Do you want to get on with your busy life knowing that you’ll always have a fresh, clean, sparkling house to come home to?

Save time, effort and money with Houseproud!

We provide efficient, thorough and affordable house cleaning Brisbane residents can depend on. With our regular house cleaning professionals, you’ll no longer have to spend your precious weekends and evenings on cleaning and organising your home.

Regular cleaning appointments are even cheaper with Houseproud

SAVE MORE with routine cleaning today!


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To save you money, our house cleaning Brisbane services use YOUR cleaning products and equipment.

Please keep this in mind when booking your regular or one-off house cleaning.


We are not a franchise

Making use of Houseproud house cleaning Brisbane is a worthwhile investment, as you get more time to spend with your family and friends, maybe to do crafts and hobbies or simply to relax because you spend less time doing the housework and maintaining your home.

We know our clients have very busy lives and are often under a lot of pressure. We think it is our job to relieve some of that pressure by helping to make your home a place to relax and enjoy. Your Houseproud cleaner will regularly do those chores that can cause so much stress and friction for a busy family.

We have been in the business of providing responsible, reliable cleaners to households in Brisbane North and South for over 27 years and in that time we have witnessed a complete change in attitude towards housework. In the early days a busy working woman would call us and apologetically request a cleaner (sometimes even asking us to make sure we did not tell her partner). Nowadays it is often the man who arranges the cleaning and there is no embarrassment about “not being able to cope”. It is a perfectly normal part of running a household.

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We service all suburbs of Brisbane from our office at Shop 4, 451 Fairfield Rd, Yeronga

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  • Use Brisbane’s Best Domestic House Cleaning Service

    Our city is home to numerous cleaning franchises so it can be stressful and difficult to find quality house cleaners in Brisbane who don’t charge through the roof!

    Here at Houseproud we service all of Brisbane North and South and offer you the best of both worlds:

    Affordable prices

    We realise today’s cost of living is high and can make cleaning services a challenge for the average household. With Houseproud’s longstanding policy to use products you already have in your home, along with being a local business, we keep costs down making regular cleaning of your home within easy reach.

    Thorough house cleans

    Our house cleaning service is done by trustworthy, reliable staff who show up when they say they will, work efficiently for the hours you book and do not cut corners.

    Pay for the hours you book

    We service your home for the hours that you book instead of giving a quote, as every house is different depending on type of surfaces, number of people who live there, and so forth. The Houseproud team work quickly and efficiently in that time, making sure to get the highest priority items done first.

    We can offer such competitive prices without scrimping on cleaning duties because we are a local business and not a franchise paying for costly overheads.

    By using your cleaning products and equipment to get the job done you aren’t burdened with the extra money involved paying for the use of products you don’t need or may not want in your home. If you prefer eco-friendly natural products, you simply choose the ones you want to be used and we won’t use any other products in your home! This means your house will be cleaned with products you know and trust, and you get a better value more affordable clean.

  • What Sets Houseproud Apart from other House Cleaners in Brisbane?

    When you choose Houseproud, you are choosing people who truly care about delivering the best cleaning results possible for every client. We love nothing more than hearing the happy reports when we get in touch to see how the clean went for your home.

    Our follow-up call gives you the opportunity to fine tune your cleaning. We will discuss all aspects of the service and any other requirements you may have for future cleans.

    At Houseproud Cleaning Service we want you to be able to plan around your cleaning day. You will have the same cleaner regularly at the same time and on the same day each week or fortnight.

    We have been in business for over 27 years and we believe that the old-fashioned belief that the client always comes first never goes out of style.

    But, don’t just take our word for it, we have received some great feedback from happy clients throughout Brisbane North and South. Anna is just one of many who are more than happy with our regular Brisbane house cleaning services:

    “A very positive experience!! The cleaners turned up on time AND thoroughly cleaned my home. I have now engaged them on a weekly basis. The office staff are so helpful, professional and eager to please. They have certainly taken the hassle out of cleaning for me.”

    Kathy is another long-term client who swears by our professional house cleaning Brisbane services:

    “Every fortnight, a wonderful cleaner arrives to do my floors, bathrooms and kitchen for a three hour time slot. When I arrive home from work, the whole place looks immaculate and reflects the care and attention that this cleaner has given to my home. I spend about half an hour before he arrives removing items of furniture from the floor so that he can make the most of a clean start. I would strongly endorse the reliable Houseproud Yeronga business. Never been happier with my cleaner!”

  • Most Affordable House Cleaners Brisbane North or South

    We have a minimum visit of 2 hours which is usually sufficient for a quick clean of a small to medium sized home, normally concentrating on the bathroom and floors.

    If you have a bigger house with more than one bathroom and large floor areas or would like a more detailed clean, including dusting, bed changing, etc. you would need to book more time.

    If you want to get better value, why not do a quick “clear the decks” tidy up before our cleaners arrive, so access is direct and the clean is efficient. We will work with you so you get a clean that makes you happy you chose us.

    Our prices are second to none:

    Regular home cleaning

    $26 per hour, Bookings can be made for either weekly or fortnightly visits, booked with a 2 hour minimum to get the best for your home.

    Simply make a list of your priorities for that visit and we will ensure they get done in order – most clients request floors and bathrooms first, but it’s entirely up to you and what is most important for your family and your home.

    One-off house cleaning Brisbane Services

    $30 per hour, We have a 3 hour minimum for one-off cleans. Just contact our office to get an estimate of time required for your house and the cleaning priorities.

    Leave Your Home Clean Service

    Our cleaner visits for a minimum of 3 hours and your cleaners will bring the products and equipment needed for a super deep-clean. This is charged at $40 per hour.

    Spring House Clean Special!

    We offer clients a special one-off visit 5 HOURS FOR $120!!

    You can use the five hours however you wish – a very deep clean of your home, or a clean out of your pantry, fridge, oven and kitchen cupboards. You decide – our cleaners will do everything that can be done in 5 hours.

    Thinking of Getting Regular Cleaning?

    A great way to get started is to take advantage of the Spring clean special, so your home has the thorough deep clean, then the regular visits will keep your home clean and fresh. Call or email us for quotes and more information on (07) 3255 8333, or email us at info@houseproud.net.au.

  • Choose Houseproud for Professional House Cleaning Brisbane

    Our services have been designed to suit you and your budget while still giving you a fantastic house cleaning service. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and level of performance, with many satisfied clients that use our Brisbane house cleaning service on a regular basis. Perhaps you are busy with work and caught up in the hustle and bustle of today’s lifestyle, or simply need a cleaner that understands your home and your requirements, and will turn up when expected. We work with you to understand your requirements and provide a professional high quality service, with a cleaner that is chosen specifically to suit you and your household.

    Charging by the hour, means you know exactly what you will pay every time the cleaner comes to your home. We will vacuum, mop and clean your home until it is fresh and hygienic. Clearing the floors from shoes, clothes, knick-knacks, newspapers and other items before the cleaner arrives, means the cleaner can begin cleaning the moment they arrive so you get more cleaning in the time we are in your home.

    Enjoy peace of mind when we clean as we use your cleaning products you have in your home, so you know the products won’t damage your furniture and other surfaces. If you are unsure of what cleaning products to have, just give us a call and we can advise you on which ones are best for your particular home surfaces. For a few pointers to get you started take a look at our cleaning tips page. If we use up the cleaning products by the end of our clean we can leave them out for you instead of binning them, so you remember to stock-up next time you are at the shops.

  • Booking your Brisbane House Cleaner

    When you call to book with us we will run through a few questions which will help to give an estimate of the time we expect will be required to clean your home. As soon as your cleaning has been arranged your cleaner will be in touch with you to make a time to meet you before the first clean.

    It is very important for you to see the face of the person who will be cleaning your home and it’s also important from the point of view of the cleaner. Normally, your house cleaner will arrange to come early on the first day so that you can show them where your vacuum is stored and other details about your particular home.

    The cleaners do not work to an inflexible, set routine, although they are professional and efficient. They want to know what is most important to you and which areas can be done on a rotational basis – e.g. guest bedrooms and ensuites. When you meet your Houseproud house cleaner you can discuss your priorities and the little things that are particular to your home.

    This helps us deliver a much more efficient service with the best results. You are welcome to call or email the office so that we can pass on your special requirements to our cleaner or to leave a note for your cleaner with a list of priorities.

    For ongoing home cleaning services you can be completely confident when making a key arrangement with your new Houseproud cleaner. You can then come home on cleaning day to a fresh, clean house. We handle these details and access keys with complete confidentiality.

    Houseproud is a long established business with the industry experience to ensure you get the right cleaner for your home, and that you are satisfied with the results. Call us on (07) 3255 8333 or email info@houseproud.net.au to book your cleaner now… you’ll be glad you did!

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