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About Us

Old fashioned service - we are happy to call you to arrange your house clean

We know that email is by far the most convenient method of communication these days, so when you want to book a Houseproud house cleaner by all means send us an email. But we do like to talk to our clients to discuss the details of the home clean.

Such things as: how many people live in the house; whether you have any pets; would you like our cleaner to change the sheets and put the dirty sheets through the washing machine; what type of flooring you have. These details will help us to calculate a realistic time required to clean your home.

We have always believed that every home is different and every client has particular likes and dislikes when it comes to cleaning.

So, if it is not too inconvenient please give us a number and a time when we can call you to have a personal chat about your cleaning requirements. It's how we remain the house cleaning Brisbane company of choice - complete and total customer satisfaction.

We are not a franchise!

When we set up Houseproud cleaning service a franchising opportunity was obvious. We could expand throughout Australia and sell franchises to operators in all areas who would offer house cleaning to clients in their particular area.

We made a deliberate decision not to become involved in franchising but to concentrate on providing the best possible house cleaners with the smoothest service throughout the whole of Brisbane.

For almost 27 years now we have arranged efficient and experienced house cleaners in all suburbs of Brisbane. We specialise in friendly, personalised service and although we are happy to receive your email, we really prefer to talk to our clients on the phone to get a real feel for exactly what they are looking for in house cleaning.

Vary your routine for house cleaning Brisbane

When you have a house cleaner regularly you may want to vary the routine. Just leave a note if you wish to change the order of the house cleaning.

Some areas in every house need cleaning more often than others. For example, you can ask your Houseproud house cleaner to clean out the fridge this week instead of dusting and vacuuming the rooms which are not often used foe example the spare bedroom or the dining room.

You can organise your house clean to suit your own personal needs. You only have to ask.

Thinking of regular house cleaning?

Why not start off with our Spring Clean special? That’s what many of our new clients are doing. You get five hours of deep cleaning to get your house up to scratch and then your regular clean will keep it that way!

Another way to use a Houseproud Spring Clean is to get your house cleaner to do those special jobs that you have been too busy to get to. For example the pantry, the fridge, the oven, the shutters. Just make a list of your priorities and our house cleaner will work through them as time allows.

So don’t delay – if you live in Brisbane, phone or email Houseproud today and ask about our Spring Clean special.

Getting the most out of your house cleaning dollar

Your Houseproud house cleaner will get a lot more cleaning done if the house is tidy when they arrive. For example, newspapers, coffee cups and shoes have been put away.

Why not make it a family fun time ... “cleaning up for the cleaner”?

Get the kids to pick up their toys and books and the teenagers to sort out the clothes lying on the floor and check desks for important notes that might look like rubbish but are actually critical for an assignment! Everyone can rush around collecting shoes and books and other precious belongings and put them in the right place ... out –of- date newspapers and magazines into the recycling bin – cups and glasses into the dishwasher. You could even use a timer and have a reward at the end of the tidy-up.

It’s so nice to come home on cleaning day to a tidy and clean house and lovely fresh sheets when you fall into bed. For a bit of extra time (most of which you save by doing the pre-cleaner tidy up) you can have your domestic cleaner strip beds and make them up with fresh linen, while putting the dirty sheets through the washing machine.

At Houseproud we know that a good house cleaner can mean so much to time-poor clients and the better the clean is organised, the better the result.

We use your favourite cleaning products

Houseproud domestic cleaners use your products and equipment when they clean your house, so you can make sure the right product is used on your furniture, hard surfaces and floors. If you need advice on which cleaning products to buy, don't hesitate to call Houseproud or ask your cleaner.

When you meet with your new cleaner discuss with them the products you like to use – particularly on your furniture – and also ask them to leave out the empty container to remind you to buy cleaning products when shopping.

Personalised service

Most people will be out when the cleaner comes but it’s good to meet your cleaner personally once. Wherever you live in Brisbane, your Houseproud house cleaner can arrange to meet you before the job starts so that you can tell them about the special things that are important to you in the cleaning of your house. If really necessary our cleaners can meet you after hours.

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