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How to Get the Motivation For Domestic House Cleaning

Let’s be honest, cleaning your home is not often on the top of our to-do lists. Although it is something that needs to be done, too often we lack the motivation to clean.

After a long work week, the last thing you want to do is scrub the bathtub or clean the clutter in your lounge room.

It can all just seem too hard, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you are in the right headspace. If you are looking for a way to overcome your procrastination and get that much-needed cleaning over and done with, we have come up with six great tips to help you get motivated to become a domestic cleaning expert!

You may be sceptical that you will ever find the motivation to clean, but you may be surprised by how easy these tips are to follow and how your mindset will change when it comes to cleaning.

To choose the option that works best for you, think about what motivates you in your day to day life as that source of motivation is bound to help you out with your cleaning also. So here are a few of our best motivation suggestions to set you on the path to a clean house.

Meet a Cleaning Goal

There is no better way to find the motivation to clean than if you have a special occasion to host or if you are expecting guests to visit your home.

Use this impending social event as a means to meet a cleaning goal for you to work towards. In fact, you don’t even need a special occasion to warrant meeting a cleaning goal.

Even if there is no specific social occasion to clean for, you could create a goal to keep you on track to get the cleaning done. Your goal could be as broad as having the whole home cleaned by Sunday or as specific as cleaning your lounge room by Tuesday. When you have a goal in place with a deadline, it will give you the motivation to achieve it.

Set a Schedule

Go a step further than having a goal and set a schedule instead. Having a cleaning schedule in place for you to follow regularly gives you continuous motivation over the long term.

You could break specific domestic cleaning tasks up throughout the week or divide your schedule by room. The choice is up to you! Once you have created the perfect schedule that works around your busy lifestyle, you have to make sure you stick to it to get yourself into the habit of cleaning regularly.

Once you have followed the schedule a few times, you won’t need to be motivated anymore and performing cleaning tasks will become second nature to you.

Think of the End Result

Before you start cleaning, think of the end result and the benefits you will receive once the cleaning task is done. Even though cleaning itself may not be enjoyable, you sure will enjoy the benefits of living in a clean and tidy space free of clutter, dirt and dust. When you focus on the results of your labour, it will give you the motivation you need.

Clean to Music

It is possible to make domestic cleaning a more enjoyable experience by listening to and singing along to your favourite music while you clean. Got some mopping to do? Turn the radio up and pull off your best daggy dance moves while you mop your floors clean.

Need to clean the windows? Sing along to your favourite tunes as your windows become squeaky clean. You may be surprised by how much you can enjoy the cleaning process while your favourite tunes are playing.

Clean in the Morning

When you have a full day ahead of you, a common mantra you will often hear is to complete your least desirable tasks first thing in the morning. Once it is out of the way, you can look forward to enjoying the rest of your day! You will even feel immensely accomplished throughout the day knowing you have achieved your cleaning tasks.

Once it is out of the way, you can look forward to enjoying the rest of your day! You will even feel immensely accomplished throughout the day knowing you have achieved your cleaning tasks.

Reward Yourself

Whenever you tick a cleaning task off your list, reward yourself for a job well done. A reward gives you something to look forward to and gives you the motivation you need to get the cleaning task done.

With a reward in place, you will want to start cleaning sooner rather than later because you will be looking forward to the reward you will receive when the task is complete. The reward can be anything you like such as a sweet treat, meeting up with friends or watching your favourite TV show for example.

Make the Clean Choice

These are our favourite motivational domestic cleaning suggestions, but there are so many more motivational techniques out there you can try before you start cleaning your home.

Didn’t find the cleaning motivation you were looking for? The popular cleaning website ‘Clean My Space’ has even more wonderful tips to get you motivated to clean.

Of course if you keep putting cleaning on the back burner and maintaining a clean home becomes too much of a strain on your busy life, you can always call us at Houseproud to arrange for one of our professional cleaners to come to your home and get your home sparkling clean.

Whether you book a Spring Clean Special or regular cleaning (or both!), Houseproud’s experienced and friendly staff will find the right cleaner for you. After the clean we will follow-up just to make sure you were entirely happy.


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