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Houseproud Blog: House Cleaning The Homes Of Brisbane

Our house cleaners have cleaned literally thousands of different houses and apartments over the almost three decades Houseproud has been in business. In this time we have been house cleaning Brisbane homes from the southside to the north – the western suburbs and the bay.

The cleaners on the Houseproud team have been to many suburbs and have had the pleasure of working in a wide range of different houses, town houses and apartments using their domestic cleaning skills to leave these homes looking good.

For example, house cleaning in Brisbane sees our cleaners visit Queenslanders – houses typically built on two levels and made from timber.

Queenslander style of home - an architectural house design we have visited to clean in Brisbane.

This architectural design originated in the 1840’s and can be found in many Brisbane suburbs. Many have large verandahs that surround the house and keeping it clean can be a hassle.

This is where the benefit of a house cleaning Brisbane service like Houseproud can help people save time. Queenslander houses are a big task, especially if the area under the house has been modified to become part of the family living area.

Our cleaners will assist clients by cleaning living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens in these large homes and the verandah, particularly if it is used to entertain guests or as a family dining area.

At Houseproud house cleaning service we suggest our clients make a list and perhaps rotate some of the seldom used areas of the house week in, week out. This can be a more economical way of organising your cleaning.

Cleaning on Brisbane’s southside has seen our cleaners service some beautiful art-deco homes. These houses feature traditional design that hasn’t lost its charm over all these years. We cleaned a home in Moorooka recently which was a charming art-deco house and was very pleasing to work in.

The outside of the house of the Moorooka Tudor style home we cleaned.

It featured a Tudor style aesthetic and had great, beautifully designed ceilings. The whole house also had lovely timber flooring, that needed some cleaning attention to bring to a lovely polished shine. We were only more than happy to help. A highlight was the large glass window display in the living room, which when cleaned, lit up the whole room.

Glass living room windows we cleaned in a Moorooka art-deco house.

These homes are also popular on the northside in suburbs like Ashgrove, Bardon and Windsor.

We love these old homes but they do need a lot of due care and diligence when cleaning, so it’s important that your house cleaning Brisbane service is careful like Houseproud when hiring a cleaner for your art-deco house.

In recent years many beautiful modern dwellings have been built with uncluttered streamlined interiors. These homes are scattered throughout Brisbane’s northside and southside and are always a pleasure to work in.

Inner-city town housing houseproud find are popular cleaning clients.

These contemporary designed homes and town houses are found in many inner city suburbs, and are often home to busy professionals. Our cleaners are regularly used to save time and it’s not unusual for our house cleaning services to be booked in these areas.

Nothing looks better then coming home to a perfectly cleaned house, and our busy inner city clients appreciate that they can trust our cleaners will do an amazing job in their home each and every time.

Our house cleaning Brisbane services are also requested a lot for apartments these days and we are more than happy to accommodate.

Suburbs like New Farm regularly have apartments that need cleaning and again, we find one of the biggest reasons we are used is to help people save time.

As more apartments are built even in outer suburbs, north and south of Brisbane, our cleaners are just as experienced tidying these smaller dwellings as they are houses.

Brisbane apartments - popular with our cleaning services

They are usually smaller in size to clean, but still can get quickly cluttered, with our cleaners assisting many clients in maximising their living space by keeping things neat and tidy.

If you own a unit or apartment and want to maintain its condition, make sure you hire proficient cleaners like Houseproud - available for both one off cleans and routine scheduled cleaning services.

Brisbane Cleaning & Changing House Styles

Over the years our cleaners have seen many changes in living styles, for example many homeowners have moved away from carpet to polished timber floors.

This means the clean takes longer as the floor must be vacuumed and then mopped, another reason having a house cleaner Brisbane service is an advantage.

Modern kitchens are becoming more common for our house cleaning Brisbane team.

Our cleaners work on fewer pieces of antique furniture and more clean lined modern styles and find stainless steel appliances instead of enamel fittings in kitchens. Bathrooms now are often fitted with marble or other stone tiles which need very careful cleaning as they react too many cleaning products.

With modern design learning more towards sleek finishes and style, we find cleaning and polishing does a lot to truly make these places stand out. Furniture and appliances are also becoming more modernised but still attract dust and dirt.

This includes things like the TV cabinet, a desk area in a work study, marble benches, coffee tables, vanities and much more.

We are very aware that a person’s “home is their castle” and we are caring for our client's most precious possessions. This makes caring for our clients and cleaning their houses very rewarding. Many firm friendships develop between our cleaners and their clients, which is always pleasing for us to hear about.

Appreciating the different houses of Brisbane is just one of the many joys Houseproud has experienced being in the house cleaning industry for over two decades. Our cleaners take pride in their work and it’s great to build a great partnership with people and their homes all over Brisbane - cleaning from the south to the north and everywhere in between.

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