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Spring Clean Your Pantry in Fifteen Minutes

If you’re anything like most people, you have a pantry that’s full of food, with no real hierarchy for how you structure things. That’s ok – that’s normal! Most of us don’t have time to do an audit of the groceries every time we head to the supermarket, and thus we all have that packet of rice from 2014 lurking at the back in a corner somewhere.

Every so often, though, it’s great to get in and spring clean the pantry so that you’re fresh and ready for a new season. Cleaning the pantry doesn’t have to be a task that fills you with dread – in fact, you can get it done and dusted in fifteen minutes. Honest! Take a squiz at our quick and easy guide so that you too can enjoy clean pantry perfection.  

Step One – Trash it

Grab your garbage bin and move it near the pantry. Grab things out shelf by shelf, and throw anything expired or open and stale into the bin. Anything open that hasn’t been stored correctly will probably be a bit murky, so if in doubt, throw it out. As a general guide, you should be replacing your open spices and herbs every six months or so – they’ll only lose potency after this time. Things like honey, sugar; they will last indefinitely provided they’re kept dry.


Step Two – Stack it and wipe it

With your pantry now cleared of any offending goods, you need to stack it all on the bench or counter somewhere and get stuck into the cleaning side of things. Grab a bowl filled with warm water and squeeze a bit of good ol’ washing detergent into it. Grab a Chux, wring it out ‘til it’s just damp and then wipe down all of the sticky packets, jars and cans. Leave them to dry while you attack the pantry!


Step Three – Clean it up

Grab a clean dustpan or a handheld vacuum cleaner and get rid of all the crumbs and detritus from the shelves. Then give anything sticky, like honey smears, a good spray with your surface cleaner and let them sit for a sec, before wiping clean. After you’ve gotten rid of the sticky spots, grab your surface spray again and give every shelf and surface a good going over. Dry each shelf and surface thoroughly with a cloth.


Step Four – Restack it

There’s probably an art to the perfectly stacked pantry, but everyone is going to have a different need for their home. We say – do what works for you.

We only recommend that you put small packets and things that tend to get lost into a box where they’re easy to find. It’ll make your life easier and cut down on wasted or lost foodstuffs.

Then, you’re almost done! It’s just a matter of putting the everyday items on the most accessible shelves, with occasional light items on top shelves, and occasional heavy items on the bottom shelves. If you have duplicate items (like four tins of diced tomatoes), make like the supermarkets and group these items together.

If cleaning out your pantry is something that you just don’t have time for – we get it! Life is busy, and sometimes looking after other things takes priority. So why not get our professional cleaners on board to help you out? At Houseproud, we offer house cleaning Brisbane-wide and our friendly cleaners are great at keeping your home (and pantry) neat as a pin.

Contact our Brisbane house cleaners if you need help with your pantry cleaning project. We’d love to help.


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