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Bond / Move Out Cleans

It's a well-known fact that moving house is one of the most stressful events in a person's life. Just setting up the move itself can be daunting, with all the organising, packing and making arrangements for your new home.

And that’s before you even start to think about how much cleaning is required.

From experience we know that once you pack your possessions, you may realise your home is far dirtier than you first thought. This is no reflection on your housekeeping but it can be an intimidating obstacle to overcome yourself, especially when you’re trying to juggle all your other removal responsibilities.

That’s why at Houseproud we offer a specialised "Bond / Move Out Clean” service.

Throughout all Brisbane, we’ll help ease the stress involved when moving to a new location. Our house cleaning professionals will make your old home or apartment clean, fresh and ready for a Real Estate agency final inspection, as a courtesy for the next residents of your property, or as a clean-up before putting your home on the marketplace for sale, so you can present the house at its best. A Bond Clean service of your entire premises will be carried out by cleaners that are very experienced in this area knowing what is required to guarantee a result that will give you the best chance of a rental bond refund. A rate of $60 per hour covers all areas and aspects.

Please be aware that this is not a full bond cleaning service. It’s a combination of a high-quality cleaning service and final tidy up, which is still very affordable.

This type of cleaning is done as a courtesy for the next residents of the property, or as a clean-up before putting your home on the marketplace for sale, so you can present the house at its best.

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  • Cleaning for Selling Your Brisbane Home, or New Tenants

    Ensuring your house makes a fabulous first impression on potential buyers is extremely important. You want to maximise the value of your property and making time to see that the little cleaning extras are done can make a huge difference.

    No matter what type of house or apartment you’re leaving, using an expert cleaning service will do wonders in increasing its appeal to the new residents moving in. We judge with our eyes, and you want possible buyers or renters to select your neat, tidy place as their next destination!

    Similarly, even if you’ve found new tenants or buyers for your property, you want them to feel fully welcomed in their new, fresh home. Nothing is worse than moving into a place that hasn’t been properly cleaned!

  • House Cleaning Brisbane Focus Areas

    When a Houseproud cleaner comes to do a final clean in your home, we have a large range of focus points that assist in getting your place as clean as possible and ready for when you’re moving out.

    We can help with the following areas to help save you time during this very busy transitional period. Please discuss with your cleaner on arrival to make certain we cover the main areas important to you:

    • Carpets vacuumed

    • Cutlery drawer and kitchen cupboards plus pantry

    • Timber/vinyl floors cleaned and mopped

    • Light fittings cleaned

    • Skirting boards wiped

    • Tiles cleaned and mopped

    • Doors and door frames wiped

    • Ceiling cobwebs removed

    • Window glass cleaned (inside – outside only when easily accessible)

    • Wardrobes/dressers surfaces cleaned

    • Blinds cleaned

    • Mirrors cleaned

    • Inside cupboards and wardrobes

    • Garage swept and hosed out

    • Main inbuilt kitchen appliances (stove top/oven, etc.)

    • Porches, patios and verandas swept

    Feel free to have a chat with your cleaner to see if we can provide assistance cleaning other items for you! We want you to be totally satisfied that we’re working to your cleaning requirements, so you can concentrate on everything else when moving out.

A special deep clean when you leave your house – call (07) 3255 8333

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