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How you can trust your house cleaner

At Houseproud, we have been selecting and screening cleaners for OVER 30 years

We ensure your house cleaner is trustworthy and reliable. You don't even have to be at home when the cleaner comes. You can be completely confident making a key arrangement with your Houseproud cleaner. (However, it is a good idea to try to meet with your cleaner at your home before the initial clean to explain to them what your special wishes and needs are.)

Houseproud cleaners are all experienced and trustworthy house cleaning Brisbane professionals. Call us on (07) 3255 8333. Our expertise in house cleaning services, Brisbane, means no matter where you live we are available to assist you

We provide house cleaning Brisbane North and South services that cover all suburbs!

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    Your home is your castle. It’s a place to feel comfortable and safe at. You take pride in your home and with everything you do to make it your own. There needs to be complete trust in the people you allow into your house, including your house cleaners. With Houseproud Brisbane house cleaning services, we evaluate the staff so you can trust that they will respect your property, trust that they will respect your privacy, and trust they will respect your personal belongings as they clean.

  • We screen our cleaners so you can trust them

    This need for trust is even greater when leaving someone in your home. You want things to go smoothly when you are not there, so you can focus on the more important things always knowing your place is in safe, capable hands.

    Houseproud understands just how significant this trust is. When you need complete confidence in those working in and on your place of residence we hear you loud and clear.

    Our interviewing procedure for cleaners is taken very seriously to make certain that only the best people are selected and paired up with our clients. Background checks are completed and we thoroughly check past references so that the cleaners employed by Houseproud are of the highest standard.

    This is a carefully done screening process, and is mandatory for all our cleaners to ensure they are 100% suitable in earning and keeping your trust when performing their household duties.

    We don’t use casual or temp cleaners, rather focusing on a committed full or part-time, professional staff who show a dedicated work ethic. It’s why for over 27 years Houseproud have been providing quality, dependable house cleaners, because we only use passionate staff we know will always put our clients first.

    Let us give you peace of mind that whoever enters your Brisbane home, your prize, is there for one reason and one reason only – to get the best cleaning results for you and your household at the most affordable prices.

  • Our house cleaners really know how to clean, no matter the task

    There is nothing better than coming home from work and entering a house that is clean, clutter-free, and smelling great. At Houseproud we guarantee our Brisbane cleaners are ready for any and all jobs you require around the place. We want to exceed your expectations and immediately make a difference to your life.

    In fact, we never want you to worry about extensive house cleaning again and instead use that time for more productive life activities. Spend the time you’ll save by hiring a Houseproud cleaner with friends and family or perhaps pursue new hobbies or free up time for sport. Even use the time for those errands and activities that seem to take up so much of your day, knowing you will come home to a sparkling, clean house.

    We can assist with the following so you don’t have to!

    • Vacuuming and mopping all floors in your house

    • Thoroughly cleaning bathrooms and toilets.

    • Cleaning and polishing your shower and screen

    • Full kitchen clean including cook top, cupboards, bins etc.

    • Emptying and cleaning fridge and pantries

    • Full kitchen cleaning, including the oven and cupboards

    • Sweeping and clearing decks and patios, wiping tables and chairs etc.

    • Window and mirror cleaning

    These are just some ways we help our clients save time every day. Let our cleaners take control of your cleaning responsibilities and stress. Do better things than cleaning and let us remove the burden of those big house cleans.

    When our cleaners get to work, they’ll treat your home with the same respect as they would treat theirs, always working and thoroughly and efficiently. All you’ll need to do is point them in the direction of your vacuum and other cleaning supplies, so they can get to work straight away.

    They will be happy to take all instructions regarding what cleaning products of yours to use, where you would like them used and in what method if there is a certain way you like things done. Feel free to also ask them to notify you of any empty cleaning bottles or supplies. This way you can remember to have them replaced for your next clean or remember to buy the particular brands you have used before and like.

  • Reliability for all your Brisbane house cleaning needs

    You want a cleaner that always does the best possible job regardless of what cleaning duties are required. A cleaner that treats you place with care and total consideration. This is why all Houseproud cleaners assure complete reliability and will work to your timetable and schedule.

    You can depend on your Houseproud cleaner to turn up on the expected time, whether it’s a onetime visit or an ongoing scheduled arrangement, anywhere in Brisbane North or South. We offer weekly and fortnightly cleaning cycles that fit into your lifestyle and can be organised at specific times to keep things simple and hassle-free. You can feel completely confident to arrange for them to have access to your keys so they can seamlessly clean your residence when you are at work or out of your premises.

    With Houseproud you’ll always have the same regular cleaner. This allows for a personalised cleaning service and a cleaner that will listen to your particular needs. We want them to be someone you can rely on and have full assurance in, knowing there will never be any nasty surprises when you arrive back home.

    It also allows your cleaner to over time familiarise themselves with your top service priorities for your household, maximising their cleaning efficiency in your individual residence.

    Reliability also means more than just being on time. You can be completely confident that your Houseproud cleaners are fully experienced in delivering quality home cleaning with any and all products you supply and will always take due care on your premise. Cleaners employed by Houseproud take the upmost care with all your personal belongings, treating your property as they would treat their own.

    Houseproud cleaners always working on a consistent, affordable hourly rate so you always know exactly what you pay every time with no confusion or added pricing. There are no hidden extra charges for any of the services our cleaners conduct, and all their cleaning duties will be included upfront when you discuss cleaning needs.

  • Cleaners that listen and focus on your key cleaning areas

    There is an important reason why we like for you meet your Houseproud cleaner before the initial clean, and it’s more than just getting to know the face who will be professionally taking care of your residence. We want you to tell us the places of your home that are critical to you, so extra special attention can be provided in these key areas.

    If there is a particular cleaning chore or duty you feel needs extra work, please feel free to let your cleaner know. Houseproud wants cleaning tailored to your needs, so we maximise our time cleaning the way you want and not in the areas you don’t find important.

    Our professional house cleaners are thorough and focused, but the size of your home plays a large part in the time required to clean it. If your home is larger (4 bedrooms plus) then the regular 2 hours of cleaning may be spent on different areas of the home each time to keep the whole house feeling fresh. One session could be focused on the living areas and the bathroom, and the next could be on the kitchen and bedrooms. We can discuss your requirements and what can be expected to be completed when you call.

    Each household will have specific needs that differ from other clients’ homes based on the home type, size and people who live in the residence. Whether you’re a full-time working professional, a mother with a big family or a husband looking to surprise his wife, we do it all and adapt our services to what you need done.

    If there is a certain reason you require a clean, especially in those one-off situations, our cleaners will listen to you to ensure they get best results for the task. We can help you with:

    • Getting cleaned and ready for that next big party or social event

    • Professional cleaning for moving houses and apartments

    • Keeping the place clean and tidy from indoor animals

    • General house cleanliness for open house days or price evaluations

    • Assist in keeping things clean during home renovations

    We provide follow-up calls to allow for opportunities to give feedback. This permits your cleaner to change their cleaning habits and routine and base it on what you would like prioritised. This helps us get the best results for the time you pay for.

    At any time you can also let us know if your circumstances or requirements for future cleans change and we will discuss this with your cleaner on your behalf.

Our cleaners want to fully understand your home and your requirements, to be flexible to your needs, prioritising your happiness with the way we conduct our cleaning services. They are happy to receive any direct feedback from you as well, to make certain nothing is missed during their cleaning process, and are always there for a friendly chat or a quick hello!

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